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Beach Baby

Wind…drizzle…sand…a completely turned around schedule – this little 6-week-old just took it all in stride as we whisked him from one beautiful place to another. He even managed to sleep through three dogs howling their displeasure at not being invited to partake in the session.
Can you imagine how awesome it would be to grow up just a few blocks from one of the most beautiful beaches on the North Shore? I’m sure he’ll be spending hours at a time here when he gets a little older, searching for crabs, sea stars, and any other treasure the ocean drops at his feet.

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  1. Donna says: LOVE the two in Mom's arms and one in Dad's. on 07.31.11 @ 6:44 am

Snug as a bug

A teeny-tiny little bundled-up creature of perfection 🙂

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  1. Nicole Pelosi says: She looks gorgeous:) Cant wait to see the rest!!! on 07.30.11 @ 8:23 pm

  2. AUNTIE DONNA says: I'M SIMPLY AWESTRUCK OF HER BEAUTY on 08.5.11 @ 5:15 pm


When Mom booked this session, she said she wanted to capture “our love for each other, lots of smiles and laughter.” Of course, that seemed a lofty goal when I arrived to find that the baby was teething and hadn’t slept much the night before. As the session unfolded, however, I found that a teething baby actually brought the family even closer. Everyone – mom, dad and big sis – all focused so much of their energy on comforting, hugging, holding, and loving little “E” that love just oozed out of every photo 🙂

I still don’t know how we finally settled on the three canvases for above the mantle!

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  1. Donna says: These really are so beautiful. But I am especially fond of the last one of Mom and Dad. on 07.28.11 @ 10:57 am

The power of yoga

I first discovered the power of yoga when I was pregnant with my second baby. I looked forward to classes at Maternal Health and Fitness every week as a way to relax and focus on the little guy growing inside of me. It’s easy to get caught up in the craziness of day-to-day life, and taking an hour or two to savor the beauty of pregnancy was something I looked forward to.

Spending an evening with these ladies tonight reminded me of how special and important that time was. While I don’t necessarily wish it back, I will always cherish the memory of my Tuesday night yoga class!

  1. Suzy says: Beautiful pictures Sarah! Thank you for capturing one of the most beautiful times of their life... on 07.20.11 @ 1:09 pm


When I first walked into this family’s house, I was struck by two things. The first was that they had photos EVERYWHERE. From the 20×24 canvas over their couch, to the dozens of framed prints adorning shelves and bookcases…they were surrounded by happy images of the people, places and times they love.

The second thing that I noticed was how peaceful and calm Mom was amidst the chaos of three very young boys. I found her sitting in a corner of the bright back room while feeding her 5-day-old little guy, his little fingers curled around her hand. I suppose it helped that Dad was taking charge of getting the two big brothers ready for the session so that Mom could focus on the baby. Then again, the fact that Mom had already laid out the clothes made getting the boys dressed a little simpler. But Dad made sure to keep everyone happy with snacks and water to prevent tantrums and general crankiness.

So how do they do it? How do they manage three little boys under the age of 5? In a word, teamwork. Watching this family juggle the various needs, wants and demands of the boys and parents was amazing. Not only did they seem to genuinely care for one another, but their patience and sense of humor made everything seem…well…actually pretty fun! I’m not sure if that’s how they would describe it (particularly at around 3am), but to an observer, they seem to be embracing this new rollercoaster of life with open arms.

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Perfectly New England

Beautiful sunrise + Happy baby + Deserted beach = Perfect morning in New England. Doesn’t get much better than that!

Thanks for the laughs, L family! Oh, and the coffee, too 🙂

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Good luck

Anyone need any extra luck? It seems we have some to spare around our house! Hudson and I went searching for 4 leaf clovers in our backyard, and came up with 23. TWENTY THREE! Crazy! And some of them actually had 5 or 6 leaves! Thinking I should go buy a lotto ticket or something…

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We need a vacation…

…from our vacation! We’ve only been home from the Cape for about 24 hours, and already much of it seems like a blur. I guess I should get used to that for a while – vacationing with young kids is not exactly the relaxing, carefree type of trip we used to enjoy. “Sleeping in” is now defined as getting out of bed after sunrise, a “fancy dinner” refers to pizza at the beach, and long, quiet walks along the shore have been replaced with constant tidepooling, splashing, and swimming. And I love it! Of course, the science teacher in me is thrilled that the boys both adore searching for hermit crabs and other sea life…it gives me an excuse to “play” in the water all day too!

We tucked away lots of happy memories this trip…
…Enjoying coffee on the deck while the boys played with trucks in the gravel. Cooperatively.
…Date night with my hubby to celebrate our 6 year anniversary, courtesy of our awesome babysitters – Thanks Aunt Becca and Uncle Abe!
…Teaching Hudson to play mini-golf while Ollie tried to jump into every water hazard he could find
…Orleans 4th of July parade – with ice cream
…Tidepooling at sunset
…Hudson’s enthusiasm for windmills and lighthouses, even though there were no trucks involved.
…Ollie’s willingness to hold (and kiss) any sea creature placed before him
…Buying the boys button candy for the first time at a penny candy store, then watching their mouths change colors as they inhaled it
…Splashing in puddles after a rainstorm, and then getting caught in another one
…Hudson “helping” us navigate Plimoth Plantation while holding a map…upside down


Can’t wait for next year so we can do it all again!

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  1. Donna says: Looks like an incredible incredible as a vacation can be with a 3 year old and 1 year old! But just remember the memories you are giving the boys. It is such a wonderful feeling that the summers on the Cape that you grew up with, you are now sharing with our Grandchildren! These pictures show the true wonder of the trip! on 07.10.11 @ 9:01 pm

  2. Shona says: Oh my gosh! I love every single image! Such beautiful memories!!! on 07.11.11 @ 10:12 am

  3. Pondering Jane says: Truly spectacular photography, Sarah. How fortunate for all of those whose moments are captured with your eye and lens. Amazing. on 07.21.11 @ 4:16 pm

Sarah Jordan Photography is ON VACATION!

My boss is really difficult. And demanding. She’s a slave-driver, really. But she did grant me some vacation time for the next week, so I guess I’ll forgive her 🙂

Sarah Jordan Photography will be on vacation from 7/2-7/9. As in, I’ll be at the beach WITH NO COMPUTER. That’s right…I’ll be forced to unplug and enjoy some family time without worrying about the long to-do list waiting for me after the boys go to bed. I admit that I’m a little nervous I’ll feel a bit lost without Photoshop to play with in the evenings, but I’m really looking forward to a week of sun, sand, and family.

All emails and phone calls will be returned as quickly as possible when I return.
Have a wonderful 4th of July, and look for my vacation posts when I return next week!

My Family
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Bright, bold, and beautiful.

Both the people and the colors 😉

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