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Archive for February, 2012

Project 365 – Week 7

Last week in our world…
*We celebrated Valentines Day with some yummy treats
*Oliver bonded with his new pal, Elmo
*We enjoyed an awesome visit to the WENHAM MUSEUM
*Hudson perfected his “fast turn” on his two-wheeler
*We took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather and headed outside for a hike with Farmor

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Pancakes with Dad

When I was pregnant for the first time, my mind was flooded with images of my anticipated future. I pictured tentative, wobbly first steps, imagined hearing “I love you” whispered from tiny lips, and could almost feel the joy of a big bear hug before sending my little boy off to school. One thing that I never considered was how much love I would feel just from watching my husband be a daddy to his little boys.

Few things in my life are as sweet as walking into the family room to find the three of them cuddled up on the couch reading together. Or watching the boys’ faces light up when they hear their Daddy’s car pull into the driveway. Even just observing how casually and comfortably they all show affection through hugs and laughter…and, of course the occasional wrestling (they are boys, after all) never fails to bring a smile to my lips.

That’s why I like to celebrate each February with a photo session dedicated to these special guys in my life. Looking back at LAST YEAR’S images, I’m amazed by how far we’ve come! Oliver has grown from a crawling, drooling, happy little baby into a running, jumping, giggly little boy. Hudson is now so grown up that he attempted to read the menu himself. I know that in the grand scheme of things, they are still just babies; and yet, I am pleading with time to slow down a little bit, so I can soak in all of the goodness that these three boys bring to my life.

***These images were all taken at the awesome GROVELAND DINER. Not only is the food there amazing, but they didn’t even mind that I moved around just about every piece of furniture in the place!  At least, they *said* they didn’t mind… 😉

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  1. Lena (Live Love Laugh Photos) says: Oh Sarah - these are so wonderful! Love Love Love the images and how happy the boys and your husband look! You are doing such a great job capturing these memories! on 02.24.12 @ 9:01 am

Project 365 – Week 6

This winter has been incredibly warm so far, and we are taking full advantage of it by getting outside every chance we get! Last week, we even did a little experiment with various toy planes. Hudson and I made predictions about which ones would fly fastest and farthest, then we headed outside to test our hypotheses. He (and I) loved it!

In other news this week:
*Oliver is getting more interested in books every day. It made me so happy and proud to walk into his room to find him “reading” to all of his stuffed friends.
*Hudson spent hours addressing and decorating valentines for his friends and family
*Oliver learned to ride his first trike (and was so proud that he refused to take his helmet off for hours!)

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Calling all Moms-to-be!

I’m very excited to share this fun new event with all of you! If you or someone you know is pregnant and due in May, June, or July, you’ll want to get in on this amazing offer. Book a newborn session for any of these months, and you’ll qualify for a complimentary mini-maternity session on April 28th!

It will be a blast!

Interested? CONTACT ME for all of the details!

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Project 365 – Week 5

Well, I officially made it through the first month of my Project 365! Although I realized yesterday that it’s actually a Project 366 since this year is a leap year, but I don’t know if that warrants a name change…

Last week in our world:
*Hudson climbed his first tree
*Oliver started swimming independently (as long as Daddy was still only an arm’s length away!)
*We enjoyed a lunch out WITHOUT any tears (yes, that’s a first!)
*I found myself enjoying this project more every day 🙂 Hopefully that will continue for the rest of the year!

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Project 365 – Week 4

Ok, so I’m a little behind with last week’s post, but better late than never!

Last week’s images include:
*sledding for the first time at Grammy and Grampy’s house
*Enjoying some outdoor time with sticks and dirt
*Looking for W’s in Dragon books at the library (I know, random)
*Oliver’s new obsession: basketball
*Bonding with our fish, Pickup Truck

The weather was so mild for most of the week that I’m starting to wonder if winter will ever truly arrive this year!


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On the road

I’ve been sitting on this for awhile now, and I’m so excited to let all of you in on the fun! Sarah Jordan Photography will be taking to the road this year, offering sessions in several locations within New England and New York! The first date will be here soon, so be sure to contact me if you want to get in on the fun!


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  1. Our Muddy Boots says: Nice, Sarah! How exciting and fortunate for those whose towns you will be visiting, too! on 02.13.12 @ 8:01 pm

And the winner is…

This cutie and his family won an 11×14 canvas of their image, along with a $500 gift card for a 2012 session!  Congrats!

And the two runners up (who will each receive a 6×9 framed print and a $100 gift card) are:


Congrats to all of the winners!  The race was close right up until the end, and I hope everyone had fun participating!

  1. Brandy says: SO excited this pic won, it's my fave of yours! Love the runners up too! And may I say, brilliant marketing idea on your part? So creative! on 02.1.12 @ 8:21 am

  2. Casey says: Very exciting! Three of my favorite SJP pics made it to the top three! Looks like everyone has the same good taste :-) on 02.1.12 @ 9:53 am

  3. Nana Chris says: Although I am a bit partial to the precious little boy and his sister :), the top three are all awesome pics along with the other entries. This was a lot of fun.......thanks for doing this, Sarah! You are one incredible photographer!!!! on 02.1.12 @ 2:39 pm