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Archive for June, 2012

My kind of town

Last March, I attended a Pinkletoes photography workshop in Austin, TX, and it changed my life.

That may sound a bit dramatic, but I assure you – it’s true!  Being a part of that workshop gave me the confidence to really follow my dreams, and certainly helped shape my business from that point forward.  Not only did I grow as a photographer, but I also met some amazing women whom I’m lucky to call my friends.

So, when I heard about a reunion trip to Chicago, I knew I had to go!  Not only did I get to reconnect with some of the ladies from the original workshop group, but I was also incredibly lucky to meet lots of other attendees from different workshop sessions.  It was almost eerie how quickly we all connected and bonded.  Even the cab ride from the airport to our hotel was filled with comfortable laughter!  By the end of the first day, it was as though we had known each other for years.  Amazing!  The weekend was a blur of cameras, girl talk, being tourists, and, of course, EATING!  Wow – there are some unbelievable restaurants in Chicago!  The hot dogs and pizza were amazing, but I’m still salivating over the sushi and steak!  I have a gazillion pics to go through when I have some real time, but thought I’d include a few of my faves here now 🙂
Thank you, ladies, for a fabulous weekend.  Now I’m already looking forward to the next one!

Michele with Pinkletoes Photography – Austin, TX

Carol with Freckle Face Photography – Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Shona with Shona Reid Photography – Ottawa, Canada

Lena with Live, Love, Laugh – Northern New Jersey and New York, NY

Janie with Janie Jones Photography – Kansas City, MO

Leah with Leah Cook Photography – Dallas, TX

Minnette with Minnette Demafiles Photography – Houston, TX

Stacy with Anastasia Marie Photography – Peoria and central IL

Heidi with Heidi Drexler Photography – St. Louis, MO

 And, last but not least, Michele’s mom and our group comedian, MeeMaw 🙂




  1. Leah Cook says: Sarah!!! these are so amazing!! I'm really thankful we got to connect and loved shooting with you at the Navy Pier - I'll always remember our "golden hour light" experience that we shared =) until next time.... on 06.26.12 @ 10:43 am

Slow down

From the second I got pregnant with my first child, everyone said it.
“Time flies.”
“Savor every moment.”
And every day I realize even more clearly how right they were.
But sometimes seeing other people’s children grow is even more eye-opening than watching my own. I first met these handsome boys and their parents at little G’s NEWBORN SESSION a year and a half ago. Now, he is a happy, energetic, truck-loving little guy with a smile so bright that it brought grins to the lips of strangers that passed by us during the session.
Now if time would slow down a bit so we can enjoy those toddler giggles for just a bit longer…

Baby, Family, Kids
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Branching out

As you likely know, the focus of my photography has always been centered on families. Babies, toddlers, even parents-to-be are often featured on this site. So when musician Cate Kanell contacted me about doing a session, it would have been easy to say, “I don’t do that.” The thing is, it sounded pretty fun! She needed images for her next album cover, publicity items, and her website…hmmm…I was very interested. Even more so after I sat down and listened to some of her honest, heartfelt music.  So we picked a date, a beautiful location, and started planning! I loved taking the time to pull together multiple outfits, figure out the “feel” she wanted in various images, and work together to achieve her vision.  I’m pretty excited about how it all turned out! Now I can’t wait to see what she chooses for her next album cover 😉


Commercial, Headshots
  1. Casey says: I can't believe I know someone talented enough to take these photos. Breathtaking everything! Model, setting, photography, wardrobe. Seriously, seriously breathtaking! on 06.12.12 @ 12:23 pm

Pretty in pink

When I walked into the living room of this session to meet little E for the first time, her Daddy was holding her in his lap, just gazing at his baby girl. It was such a beautiful moment that I grabbed my camera immediately, and didn’t put it down until the sun said goodnight.
Big brother was gentle, patient, and apparently already in love with his little sister. Of course, he was also filled with the energy and attention span of a three-year-old…so we moved fast and played hard the whole time 🙂 Not much different than when I first met him for his one-year-old photos two years ago!
We were blessed with a beautiful evening, and were able to capture some images inside before heading out to catch a spectacular sunset by the flowers.

Magical. Peaceful. Perfection. Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with me for the evening!

Baby, Family, Kids, Lifestyle, Newborn
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