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Archive for June, 2013

Three months beautiful

I know I’m biased. I’m her Mama, so I can’t help it. But isn’t she just adorable?!
I love photographing three-month-olds, but it is always a lot easier to include Mom and/or Dad in the session since baby isn’t able to sit up on her own yet. Of course, for me, that’s a bit challenging since I’m always the one holding the camera! That’s why I’m incredibly lucky to have a friend who was willing to help me capture these images of me and my little girl – I’ll truly treasure them forever 🙂 Thank you, Casey!

Baby, My Family
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Spring beauty

When yucky weather forced us to postpone this session, we were all a little concerned that we’d miss the window for spring flowers. Luckily, the colors were still beautiful when we finally met in May! Of course, the beauty of the blossoms was completely overshadowed by baby girl’s smile! I swear, every location we visited made her whole face light up. I could have photographed her and her awesome parents until the sun went down! Oh…wait…I did 😉

For another favorite from this session, CLICK HERE

Baby, Family
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