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Archive for September, 2013

Six months already!

My sweet baby girl is sixth months old! Her smile is contagious, and her giggles make my heart swell. Watching my boys snuggle her, play with her, love her – I can’t think of anything more gratifying. Sometimes I wish time would slow down a bit, but the truth is that I have been soaking up every second of her babyness since the day we welcomed her into our family. The nice thing about motherhood the third time around is that I KNOW how fast this time will fly by, and I am much better at appreciating the little moments that are so easy to take for granted.
I’ve learned not to stress about the little things. She wants to snuggle all day? Ok with me! I didn’t really want to clean the house anyway 😉 She doesn’t like to sleep in her own crib? That’s ok – I love waking up to her warm breath and sweet smile cuddled in close to me! There is plenty of time for her to be a big girl. For now, she is my baby…and I know how fleeting this stage is.


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Urban sunset [Newburyport family photographer]

As much as I like flowers and fields, sometimes the beauty of an urban setting just suits a family better! We had a blast walking around looking for hidden alleyways, cool walls, and of course pretty light.

The session took a bit longer than we expected because we kept getting stopped by strangers who wanted to say hi to that awesome doggy! He is seriously the softest, sweetest, snuggliest pup I’ve ever met.

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