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Archive for December, 2013

Her smile [Methuen MA Baby Photographer]

My baby. My love. My beautiful girl.
Julia is 9 months already, and time is moving in fast-forward. She’s growing bigger and more independent by the day – making me both incredibly proud and also a little sad. She crawls like a pro and is already trying her hardest to walk. I know it’s only a matter of time before she’s running around the house with her brothers, and she will realize that she doesn’t need to feel my heartbeat next to her 24/7. Until then, I’m clinging to those everyday moments that I treasure so much – the weight of her little body nestled up to mine as we sleep together in her rocking chair (her favorite way to rest), the sound of her belly laugh as she watches her brothers perform for her, the soft feeling of her little fingers curled around mine, and her beautiful smile. Her enormous, genuine, heart-melting, ever-present smile. No matter how big she gets, and how many challenges she faces, I hope she’ll march through life with that smile on her face.

9 month blog

Thanks so much to Holly Hess Baby Accessories in Scituate, MA for the beautiful baby bonnet! It’s hand-made, and even more gorgeous in person!

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