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Archive for May, 2014

Reading MA Family Photography – A Spring Wonderland

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing this family first when they were still a FAMILY OF THREE, then when BABY GIRL joined the CLAN, then AGAIN and AGAIN for more sessions through the years.  Although the kiddos get bigger (and even more adorable) with every session, one thing remains the same – they are all so comfortable, so loving, and so happy just being together.

This year’s session was touch and go for the 24 hours leading up to it.  Rain…sun…rain…sun….that was basically the pattern for the entire Spring this year in New England!  We finally decided to go ahead with the session, and I’m so incredibly glad that we did!  The blossoms were gorgeous, the children happy, and Mom and Dad were relaxed and comfortable (or at least they pretended to be!).
Reading MA Family Photography

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NYC Photography – The Big Apple with Big Cameras

I love traveling with my kids. I really do. I love seeing their eyes light up as they take in new sights and experiences. Most of the time, I enjoy watching my little ones so much that I only take out my camera to document a few snippets from our adventures. As we walk past scenery bathed in beautiful light, I take a mental picture and wish I had the energy/time/ability to stop and really capture it.

That’s one of the reasons I was so excited to attend the Pinkle Toes Workshop Reunion Trip to NYC! I’d get to tour New York with some fantastic women from all around the world, and never have to worry about holding anyone up by taking too many photos! What I didn’t count on was how wonderfully we would all “click” as a group (pun intended. couldn’t resist!). We wasted no time in getting to know each other, and shared nonstop laughs the whole weekend. Seriously – I don’t think we slept more than a couple of hours each night because we were having so much fun!

Although I grew up just outside of NYC, I had never done most of the touristy stuff until this trip! Battery Park, Top of the Rock, Times Square, a harbor cruise, walking the Brooklyn Bridge, a food tour in Greenwich Village….I still don’t know how we did it all in just a few days! I suppose it’s easier to fit everything in when you don’t have to make time for diaper changes and feedings 🙂

NYC2NYC Photography

We thought it would be cool to see how different photogs all captured the same trip in different ways.  So I hope you’ll follow the blog circle to see images from my amazing friend Michele at PINKLE TOES PHOTOGRAPHY – Austin Lifestyle Photographer!  Not only is she an incredible photographer, but she is the one who started it all 🙂


  1. Kerri says: Sarah, I love the one of Minette and Michele, so awesome! And your shot of the memorial is grogeous. on 05.30.14 @ 1:19 pm

  2. Kelly Hosch says: LOVE the Brooklyn Bridge shot… I need to go back and see that close up! on 05.30.14 @ 2:08 pm

  3. stefanie says: i love these!!!! on 06.2.14 @ 1:44 pm

  4. Tressa says: Wow, Sarah... these are stunning! I really LOVE the color in your images and your fish eye shots are amazing! So great! on 06.3.14 @ 10:57 am

  5. Tressa says: Wow, Sarah… I really LOVE the color in your images and your fish eye shots are amazing! Really beautiful images! on 06.3.14 @ 11:36 am

North Andover MA Family Photography – Rainbows and donuts

This Spring session at SMOLAK FARMS had a little bit of everything – sunshine, rain, laughing, playing, eating, exploring…even a rainbow! I loved that Mom was cool with letting some of the session be purely “lifestyle”, meaning that I was able to hang in the background and just capture things as they unfolded. We started with some more traditional shots, and then, just as the kids started to get a little antsy, we took a donut break at the farmstand. Everyone enjoyed sweet treats while I kept snapping away – resulting in some of my favorite images from the session! Once everyone refueled, the kiddos were refreshed and ready to explore some more parts of the farm.

North Andover MA Family Photography

Do you see the love in these photos?! The snuggles were comfortable, the laughter easy, and the hugs plentiful. These are some of the *most* important characteristics of a successful photo shoot!

North Andover MA Family Photography 2North Andover MA Family Photography 3

For more information about North Andover MA Family Photography, please contact Sarah Jordan Photography. Sarah Jordan is a lifestyle photographer serving the greater Boston area, specializing in photographing newborns, babies, families and children.

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Reading MA Family Photographer – The calm before the storm

30 minutes. That’s all we needed. A half hour to capture this vivacious, energetic, talkative, enthusiastic little girl. I do love Premium Family sessions, but I also adore the mini-sessions that often follow – to capture birthdays, milestones, or just a memorable activity. I first met this cutie at her ONE YEAR SESSION, and she’s only grown more adorable in the past year!

The weather forecast was rather foreboding, but we decided to go ahead and stick with our original session time despite the forecast….and I’m so glad we did! It poured on the way home, but we captured some priceless images together before the drops began to fall 🙂
Reading MA Family Photographer

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Springtime beauties

I was SO glad that we were able to squeeze this session in *just* before the last of the apple blossoms at SMOLAK FARMS disappeared for the season! Not only were the surroundings gorgeous, but those beautiful little girls were just as sweet as they look. Big sis got out of the car with a smile on her face, and welcomed me with magical stories of Elsa and Anna (you know, from Frozen?). We hiked through orchards, threw rocks in a pond, and walked through a springtime wonderland at the flower shop. I hope these images will bring back happy memories of a perfect spring morning!

North Andover MA Family Photographer 1North Andover MA Family Photographer 2

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North Andover MA Lifestyle Photography – A Mother’s Love

Mothers are so many things to so many people. Nurturers, healers, confidants, chefs, housekeepers, chauffeurs, psychologists, coaches…and, very often, the family photographers. Unfortunately, most mothers find themselves behind the camera much more than in front of it. So often, I hear moms lament the fact that they hardly have any photos with their own babies. That’s why I adore these Mother’s Day mini-sessions! I know how important the images are, and just how much they will be enjoyed both now and for years to come.

This year’s sessions took place at SMOLAK FARMS in North Andover, MA. While the farm is beautiful in any season, there is something magical about springtime amidst rows and rows of beautifully blooming fruit trees. Of course, we are in New England – a notoriously challenging area for weather forecasters. People joke that if you don’t like the weather, just wait 20 minutes! Well, when we started shooting on the big day, everything was dry and the temps were comfortably high. I thought we had lucked out! I think you see where this is going….

About a half hour later, it started raining. And didn’t stop for the next 3 hours! I was so grateful that all of the mothers and children that came out that day were completely ok with getting a little wet. Despite the dreary weather, I enjoyed capturing mothers doing exactly what they do best: playing, laughing, loving, and snuggling their babies.


Please contact Sarah Jordan Photography for more information about North Andover MA Lifestyle Photography.

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