Sarah Jordan Photography

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I’ve always loved creating things. When we were little, my sister and I spent hours building intricate little dioramas out of sand and seashells. We made paintings, magnets, sun-catchers, ornaments, books, drawings, doll clothes, jewelry…we even went through a phase making window clings out of Elmer’s glue (yes, they were as “interesting” as you are probably imagining). The idea of taking something mundane and unremarkable and changing it into a thing of beauty has always fascinated me. While my definition of beauty may have evolved through the years, my desire to create has only grown stronger.

My first career was in education, where I had the honor and responsibility of creating a classroom that fostered a lifelong love of learning. After graduate school and a few years teaching 6th grade science, my husband and I were blessed with our first son. I took time off from educating others’ children and took time to be amazed by my own. Another year or two (and another son) later, here I am – still working with children, but in a very different way.

Photography has given me the perfect opportunity to integrate my background in education with my creative passion.  Not only do I get to search for beauty in everyday life, but I also have the privilege of experiencing the unique personality of each family I work with.  Whether I’m documenting a newborn baby’s perfect little pout or commemorating the last few days of family life before a teen leaves for college, I walk away from every session feeling incredibly lucky to have been welcomed into the life of another family, if only for a couple of hours.

I strive to capture honest, beautiful, natural images for everyone I work with.  I encourage people to be themselves – silly, goofy, shy, loving, proud, excited, or just plain happy.  Simply put, I want to see a family doing whatever they do best.  These everyday moments are the ones we treasure, and capturing these memories in photographs is what makes me love what I do.