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Santa Monica Family Session

Santa Monica ad blog

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FREE Holiday mini-sessions are back!

Holiday mini-sessions are BACK!!! This year’s theme is going to be the most elaborate yet – Santa is letting us use his sleigh for the big event! These holiday minis are FREE for any family who reserves a 2017 session. Email me at for more info!


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Spring Mini Sessions are here!

Spring mini 2016 WEB

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Holiday minis are back!

Leave holiday cards to the professionals this year! In just minutes, you’ll have a gorgeous image to send to friends and family. Free with all 2016 sessions!
Holiday minis

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Why I love albums (and you will, too!)

It all started when I ran out of wall space in my home. As a photographer, I understand the importance of printing my own family’s photos, and displaying them around the house. But I take a lot of pictures. I mean, a LOT. And I love so many that it’s virtually impossible to choose which ones to display and which to leave on a hard drive somewhere. Each photo captures an emotion, a nuance, a look, a moment in time that I’ll never get back – and I wanted to be able to look at and enjoy each and every one, without having to pick and choose. So, I started creating albums.

I have albums everywhere. I have albums filled with photos of my everyday life, albums with styled session images, and albums of simple snapshots. There are albums in my kid’s rooms, and albums stacked at arm’s reach in the family room. And WE LOOK AT THEM. All the time. My kids often choose to leaf though old albums in lieu of bedtime stories at night, and we laugh and talk about the memories they hold. It makes me so happy to see my photos being enjoyed and appreciated on a daily basis.

That got me thinking – if I appreciate albums that much, then my clients would probably love them too. While a canvas on the wall can display a favorite image from a photo session, what happens to all of those other “in between” shots that capture the little things that define a family? Mom snuggling her babies…a spontaneous hug…Dad giving his son a piggyback ride. All of these images tell a story, and they belong TOGETHER.

And that’s how I made the decision to include an heirloom quality 10×10 photo album with each and every full session that I do. The feedback I’ve received has been overwhelmingly positive. In the past, people have let their images sit on a USB in a drawer somewhere, with the intention of eventually printing them…someday. Now, I do all of the work, and families can enjoy the images easily and often. And that makes me very, very happy.

I’ll be blogging album images more often in the future. For now, here is a newborn album that I recently delivered. It was so beautiful that I was almost sad to see it go!







If you want an heirloom album like this for your own family, please contact Sarah Jordan Photography. Sarah Jordan is a lifestyle photographer serving the greater Boston area, specializing in photographing newborns, babies, families and children.

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Travel Sessions!

travel sessions 2
I’m super excited to announce that Sarah Jordan Photography will be hitting the road again this summer! As of now, these are the cities I’ll be visiting. If you would like to see more places/dates added to the list, let me know and I’ll see if we can make it work.

Nyack, NY – May 22-25
Los Angeles, CA – June 26-28 and TBD dates in late August/early September
Cape Cod, MA – August 1-15

*Sarah Jordan Photography sessions are a perfect way to capture your family in a natural, comfortable, enjoyable setting. We can play at the beach, snuggle at home, take a walk downtown – whatever you’d like to freeze in time and remember forever. I’ll help you plan everything from clothing to location to activities we can enjoy together.
*Every session includes an heirloom 10×10 photo album and all of the digital files from your session. You’ll get a minimum of 50 images, including family, individual, sibling and couple shots.
*Most sessions will take place about 2 hours before sunset, and will last 1.5-2 hours

Travel sessions are $1299. Half is due at the time of booking, and the other half is due two weeks before your session.

Sessions will book on a first come, first served basis, so CONTACT ME if you’re interested in grabbing one!

travel sessions

If you are interested in a travel session, please contact Sarah Jordan Photography. Sarah Jordan is a lifestyle photographer serving the greater Boston area, specializing in photographing newborns, babies, families and children.

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Holiday mini sessions are here!

Holiday Mini Sessions

That’s right – get a FREE Holiday mini session at SMOLAK FARMS with any new or previously booked 2015 session! These sessions were so popular last year that I’m bringing them back again! They are not available for purchase on their own…the only way to snag one of these minis is by booking a 2015 session.
And just to make it an even sweeter deal, if you book before October 1st, you’ll get an additional digital file at no charge!

Email for more info about these holiday mini sessions and reserve your time today!

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Mother’s Day Mini-Sessions

mothers day mini sessions WEB

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The winner of the 2013 SJP Pic of the Year is…


CONGRATULATIONS! This family won a FREE PHOTO SESSION to take place in 2014!

And the 2 runner-ups, who will each receive a 5×5 canvas print and $500 towards a 2014 Flat Rate session, are…




Thank you to everyone who participated and voted in this year’s contest, and congrats to the winners!

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2013 SJP Pic of the Year [Merrimack Valley MA Photographer]

pic of the year 2013

It’s here! The SJP 2013 Pic of the Year contest is now underway! All images were selected by the clients themselves – be sure to take a moment to read about how they chose their favorite photos.

Each image will be posted on both Facebook and here on the blog. There are three ways to vote:

1 – “like” the photo on FACEBOOK
2 – comment on the photo on FACEBOOK
3 – select the image on the blog poll at the bottom of this post

That’s right, each person can vote up to 3 TIMES! Votes on the blog will be monitored by IP address, so no multiple voting, please. At midnight on February 4th, I will combine all votes from Facebook and the blog to determine the ultimate winner.

And now, without further ado, I present to you the contestants!

“This photo of my daughter, Alyssa, is my favorite for so many reasons. It looks like it could have been taken 100 years ago. I also love that in this photo – more than any other – I can see her resemblance to many relatives on both sides of our family. Her dress and her eyes are so blue, and her skin looks like porcelain. I also love the contrast of her elegance against the rustic, old Smolak Farms barn.” – Mom

“This picture was taken about a week before Ava’s due date. But, instead of being nestled snugly in my belly, she was already a month and a half old! When I look at this photograph now, it holds so much meaning to me. Ava spent the first month of her life in a NICU and special care nursery after being born nine weeks early. As her mama, all I wanted to do was hold her close. Instead, I savored the allotted hour each day that I got to hold her skin to skin. In those early days, I feared that she would not know me. I worried that among the constant presence of the doctors and nurses, she wouldn’t recognize my voice or my touch as her mother’s. When I look at this picture, I see the bond I feared I missed out on. I am more at peace in this photograph than I ever have been in my life. My girl had come home. I was free to hold my healthy, happy baby and cuddle her whenever I wanted to, free of tubes and wires, without the sounds of monitors and alarms. She is my Ava and I am her Mama, and that is all I have ever wanted to be.” – Mom

“This image conjures up one word that describes the collective feeling of our family in the moment this photo was taken, in addition to the energy of that mid-fall afternoon. That is, “softness”. It encapsulates the overall energy of that day and of my family, taken towards the end of our shoot. It was cool out and there were brilliant fall colors everywhere. We ran around the estate ruins, kicked a soccer ball, read together, and had a blast. This photo is a reminder of that beautiful day in our lives, together as a family. To us, it is more than just a photo.” – Mom

“Brotherly love! This photo captures their bond- 2 brothers-best friends for life!” -Mom

“This photo is so special to me because it is a reflection of such a genuine moment; a mother rocking and soothing her newborn baby. Sarah peaked behind the tree and captured my little Drew tucking into my shoulder as I held him close and quietly sang to him. There are so many of these times during an infant’s first year of life and they truly are moments, because it happens in a flash and suddenly they aren’t a baby anymore. Drew is the final addition to our family and our hearts now feel complete. He is almost 7 months old now and I don’t know where that time went. Every time I look at this photo my heart swells and I beg for time to slow down, if only for a little while, for these days are passing far too quickly…” -Mom

“The reason why like this photo is that it shows how excited Logan was to be big brother. You can see the love in his eyes!” -Mom

“I loved this image in particular because it not only captured a sweet moment between me and Benjamin, but because it also captured a beautiful look from my husband. The look on his face was one that photographers had previously captured during our engagement session and on our wedding day. It melted my heart to see him still looking at me the same way five years and two kids later. I’m so thankful you were able to capture it!” -Mom

“The gentle natural lighting and angelic wisps of hair are more reminiscent of paintings than pictures. Back arched just enough to counter the little weight in her arms, Mommy gazes with unexplainable depth of love at her tiny miracle while the little one rests comfortably in the strong yet gentle grasp of her mother’s hug. These two are the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen. It’s almost beyond words, yet this photograph has somehow captured this moment of love, grace, and beauty.” -Dad

“Peace and quiet. A rarity with a busy two year old and a VERY colicky newborn who somehow found a way to stay asleep and silent for this entire session (and not again until 3 months old!) Sleeping Beauty and her Prince who managed to steal not only a quick kiss but also his parents’ hearts inside a single frame. In those moments of craziness it’s nice to look upon this photo and “Awwww” for a split second before heading back into battle…er…the playroom.” -Mom

“This photo makes me smile every time I see it hanging in my living room. I love my kids more than anything and seeing their happy faces and how much they love being together, just melts my heart.” -Mom

“At first glance, this photo of my silly boys might not look as “sentimental” as a photo of them giving each other a spontaneous hug. However if you knew Trevor and Tyler personally, you would know why this is one of the most sentimental photos I have of them. Tyler, my son on the left, is a spunky three year old that lives everyday to make his brother, Trevor, happy. When Trevor is sad or hurt, Tyler is the first person to stop what he is doing to comfort his brother with a tight hug and a whisper, “It’s alright Trevor.” I see the joy in Tyler’s eyes when he has made his brother smile or laugh. It’s as if it is his mission in life!
Trevor is five years old and Tyler’s biggest fan. He cheers him on, and always lets him know how great he is. He finds everything Tyler does hysterical. Trevor is proud like a father when it comes to Tyler’s accomplishments, and is the first person to let him know just how proud he is of him. When I look at this picture, I see two boys who love each other with all of their heart. Best buddies. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Sarah, for capturing that bond between our boys that to anyone else is just a silly face, but to us means so much more.” -Mom

“This image captured the essence of my daughter: Goofy, happy, and beautiful. Despite her offbeat mood resulting from several teeth coming in, this picture was taken at a moment when she was showing us her true self. Lacey is goofy and always laughing. The look on her face in this image is priceless to anyone who loves her, and I am thankful for it every time I look at it with a smile on my own face.” -Mom


“I first came across Sarah’s work when I visited Maternal Health and Fitness when I was expecting. The baby photos on the wall were so beautiful, I had to ask who had taken them. I had never hired a professional photographer before (other than clipping coupons, and going to department store photo studios), so I was a bit intimidated by the cost of a session. I admired the photos on Sarah’s web page for a year before I decided to book an appointment. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner! There were so many beautiful and artistic photos from my session that I can’t really pick one favorite.
I love the details captured in this picture of my daughter: long eyelashes, slight smile, pudgy hands reaching for her hat; soft, pale skin with a hint of a blush from running around outside on a beautiful spring day. It truly is a work of art, and one that makes me smile whenever I look at it.” -Mom

Now, vote below for your favorite image! Don’t forget to head over the FACEBOOK to “like” and comment for additional entries.

Fine Print:
Sarah Jordan Photography reserves the right to modify contest or prizes as necessary.
Anyone tampering with the contest or results will be immediately disqualified.
No purchase necessary to win.
This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.

  1. Val Kellogg says: For those of us separated by distance from this beautiful little girl it gives us many smiles as we walk past the photo sitting on the shelf and makes us feel a bit closer to her despite the number of real miles. I think they are the most beautiful collection of photos I have seen - so many different backgrounds and poses. Definitely a combination of imagination and professionalism. When I miss seeing her so much these photos are the second best way of touching her ! on 01.25.14 @ 2:00 pm

  2. Stephanie Johnson says: I consider myself to be a pretty stoic person; however, this photo made me teary because it was so special. on 01.25.14 @ 2:11 pm

Milestone mini-sessions [Methuen MA Baby Photographer]

For a long time, I’ve wanted to offer a “watch me grow” package that captured babies at various milestones throughout their first year. I’m excited to say that I’ve finally found a way to make this happen – and parents are loving it! Families who book a Flat Rate package in 2014 are eligible for unlimited mini-sessions for the next year. These sessions are quick, fun, and a great way to document all of those important “firsts” – sitting, standing, walking, etc., along with a few “Mommy and me” or “Daddy and me” photos.

And since they don’t take long at all (the session below was done in just 10 minutes!) we can even bundle up and take advantage of that beautiful winter glow.

I’ve been lucky enough to follow this handsome little guy from the time he was in his MOMMY’S BELLY, then when he was FIRST BORN….and now he’s already 6-months old!

6 months

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Holiday Card Sessions

Holiday card minis


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Back to school minis

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Mother’s Day Minis


to contact me for more details or to schedule a session

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Calling all Moms-to-be!

I’m very excited to share this fun new event with all of you! If you or someone you know is pregnant and due in May, June, or July, you’ll want to get in on this amazing offer. Book a newborn session for any of these months, and you’ll qualify for a complimentary mini-maternity session on April 28th!

It will be a blast!

Interested? CONTACT ME for all of the details!

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