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North Andover Proposal Photographer – She said, “YES!”

Fall is quite possibly the most romantic time of year here in New England. The rainbow of colors that erupts every October is breathtaking, and apple picking, hiking, and pumpkin carving make for some perfect fall date ideas. Of course, the chill in the air also means that snuggling is, at times, a necessity. For many couples, autumn is also the perfect season to get engaged!

Last weekend, I had the privilege of capturing this sweet proposal amidst the bucolic apple orchards at SMOLAK FARMS in North Andover, MA. I felt like a spy as I hid behind a tree in the pine grove until the moment was *just* right for K to pop the question 🙂 I kept my distance until it was clear that B’s answer was an enthusiastic “yes”, at which point I got to capture their joy and love for each other up close.


Once the initial excitement settled down a bit, the couple was treated to a gorgeous picnic in a private gazebo, complete with fresh-cut flowers, pretty linens, LOTS of pumpkins, and a delicious farm-cooked meal. It looked amazing, so I took a few more photos, then left to let the happy couple start dreaming and planning their future together! It was such a beautiful and special day!


If you are looking for someone to capture your proposal, please don’t hesitate to contact Sarah Jordan Photography. Sarah Jordan is a lifestyle photographer based out of Boston, MA but often travels to New York and Los Angeles for sessions

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Big family…

…big fun!
I had a blast with this group back in August. It was a beautiful, warm summer evening by the water, and everyone was more than happy to play, snuggle and laugh 🙂

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Mexican Marriage

I apologize in advance for the length of this blog post. It’s just that my LITTLE SISTER just got MARRIED! And that, I believe, is a good reason for lots of beautiful images.

When they first got ENGAGED in December, the happy couple’s first thought was to plan for a Summer 2013 wedding. After thinking it over for a while, however, they decided to move up the timetable by a bit. Well, by a year! Oh, and they chose the gorgeous island of Isla Mujeres, Mexico, for their intimate and very special ceremony. Not only did both of their immediate families join them in Mexico for a week of love, laughter and matrimony, but we all contributed something special to the event. I did my sister’s hair and photography, her new sister-in-law crafted the beautiful bouquet, my husband performed the ceremony, and my mother sang. We even all chipped in and decorated the wedding golf-cart (the transportation of choice on Isla Mujeres) and sent them off in style.

The island is a unique place for many reasons, but my favorite is the brightly colored, slightly worn buildings in town center. I’ll start by sharing pics we took here because they were my favorites of the day!

Of course, the little details also made a big impact on the day. Check out that bouquet! Remember I said that it’s hand-made? By an amazing woman who is NOT a florist?! Let’s just say that I’m glad that wasn’t my job…

The actual ceremony took place in the upper palapa of the seaside home we all stayed at. Despite the oppressive heat, we were all happily surprised by the gentle breeze and shade that greeted us there.

After the ceremony, we loaded into the golf carts, hung out by the ocean for a bit, and then headed into town for a mouth-watering dinner at a spectacular little gem of a restaurant.

Congratulations, Rebecca and Abe! We love you and were so happy to share in your special day 🙂

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