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2011 Pic of the Year!

Voting is now OPEN for the 2011 SJP Pic of the Year!  All images were nominated by my clients, and I have really enjoyed reading the little snippets about why each image was so meaningful to them.

The winner will receive an 11×14 canvas print of the winning image, and a $500 Sarah Jordan Photography gift card to be used towards a 2012 Premium Session. Two runners-up will each receive a framed 6×9 print and a $100 Sarah Jordan Photography gift card to be used towards a 2012 Premium Session.

*Voting is monitored by IP address, so no multiple voting.
*Polls close at midnight on January 31st
*I reserve the right to disqualify entries or terminate/modify the contest if necessary.

To see the images larger, please visit the full gallery HERE!


“This is probably my favorite picture in the world. I can’t help but ponder what he is thinking/dreaming about. I also look into his eyes and realize that he has his whole life ahead of him; that his life has just started and the possibilities are endless. You took a perfect picture of innocence and wonder. The picture also displays to me the true meaning of comfort and security. ” – Mom


“The reason we both picked this image is  because it really captures the love Avery and Griffin have for each other while still showing their fearless personalities and boundless energy.  Every time We look at this picture We say to each other ‘Red Light! Green Light!'” -Mom and Dad


“This image is my favorite because you captured  Dylan’s bright blue eyes, adorable nose and all of his gorgeous features that are changing every day.” -Mom


“We picked this photo because it shows the love between these two and when most people see it they aren’t even sure if Cooper (dog) is real! About a second after this shot, Quinn tipped over behind Coop so it really was a once in a million. They love each other and we love them both so much. So happy that we have this image forever.” -Dad


“I laugh every time I look at it, remembering how I was in the crib trying to hold him and his monkeys up!  The pic fits him, he is a monkey. He is always climbing on or over everything!” – Mom


“Family get-togethers are, shall we say, interesting when you have a biracial child. My Filipino family thinks she looks white and JUST like David. David’s Caucasian family thinks she looks totally Filipino and JUST like me. It never fails when we look at a picture of our daughter – in one shot she’ll look just like me, while in the next she’ll have an expression that is totally her dad’s. But it’s the very rare photo where she actually looks like BOTH of us at the same time. We also love this picture because it’s a family photo, but with us looking at our daughter as she looks at the camera – while she hugs us. That’s our family in a nutshell!” – Mom


“I chose this picture because it captures the innocence and beauty of Lucy. Her eyes just simply captivate you.  The morning light and the colors are so electrifying, Lucy appears angelic.  Glancing at this photo, you can’t help but smile and think, ‘What a happy child!'” – Mom


“This is one of those moments frozen in a photograph that truly represents our 3 year old son’s whole hearted enthusiasm on being a big brother. His 1 week old sister is calmly asleep in the crook of his arm, and he is simply beaming with joy to proudly show her off to the world. Their lifelong sibling relationship is still in its infancy, but capturing it in this picture is pure magic to their parents.” – Mom and Dad


“When I look at this picture, I see joy… pure and simple. My newly turned one year old baby girl sat in that blue chair thrilled, optimistic, and filled with love. It was a crazy first year for all of us, filled with colic, infant colitis, a tough economy, exhilarating highs, challenging lows, and the typical trials any baby & parent would face. It wasn’t an easy road to her presence in this world, but she came, like she was meant to all along. Emma is filled with so much life- a vigor and passion I can’t explain. She was born that way. I think of that photo constantly and how it completely captured Emma- her smile (“I’m such a happy, daring, energetic, & loving girl”), her little feet kicking (ready and raring to hit the ground running), her auburn hair in the sun (a connection we share), her eyes (smiling and taking everything in)…” – Mom


“This photo will always bring me back to the time when my son was small enough to fit into my planter! A time when a 7 lbs 4 ounce, chubby cheeked little man stole my heart forever! To me, this picture completely captures the innocence and purity that encompasses being a beautiful newborn.” – Mom


“We chose this image, because you really captured the essence of the boy. He looks happy and a little bit mischievous all at the same time!!” – Mom


“Mother of three…mother of three.  Those words kept ringing in my head for months before Gavin was born.  How do I manage being a mother of three??  Is there enough of me to give to ALL of them??  I knew I would love this new baby, that was a given.  But there were days when the thought of a new little one in our lives just consumed me.  What I wasn’t sure of was would Harrison and Elizabeth love this new baby when we brought him home and we had to “keep him”.  Could we survive the chaos?  Could I still be as connected to Harrison and Elizabeth as I was before Gavin?

This one picture captures what I finally realized.  There is enough love and as a family we can survive anything as long as we huddle together.

I love the way this picture captures exactly what we’ve become (my kids and I)…closer.  My older two hugging me exactly where they always seem to hug me when we snuggle, with Gavin in the middle soaking it all in.  So unfazed by these two “big kids” that have captured his heart and in turn he has captured theirs.” – Mom


“Loads of Love” – Mom


“This picture is so special to me because you have captured one of the earliest connections between Nathan and Emma.  They both truly adore each other.  I think there’s no greater bond than that of siblings and this picture speaks volumes as to the love they share.  It melts my heart!” – Mom

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  1. Maureen says: The sweetness between these two is so special! Love from Nana to my beautiful little granddaughter. on 01.25.12 @ 2:07 pm

Project 365 – Week 3

This week…
*my 21-month old began to potty-train himself. Anything to be like his big bro!
*we enjoyed a beautiful sunrise through frost-covered windows
*we returned from a trip to Farmor’s house, where Hudson was allowed to stay up late and watch Tow Mater videos (lucky kid!)
*we had fun with playgroup friends at the library

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2011 Year in Review

2011 was a whirlwind around here!  A good kind of whirlwind, filled with smiles, hugs, adorable kids, and lots and lots of laughs.  Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that Sarah Jordan Photography would grow so quickly, and I am immensely grateful to the many families who trusted me to capture their lives in images.  As I wrapped up the loose ends from the past year, I thought it might be fun to share a slideshow of some of the most memorable images from 2011.

Click below to enjoy the show!


***PS – If you had a session in 2011, don’t forget that submissions for the 2011 Pic of the Year are due by Saturday!  There are some awesome prizes up for grab!


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  1. Donna says: Incredibly wonderful! What wonderful memories you have captured that people will treasure forever! on 01.18.12 @ 8:49 pm

Project 365 – Week 2

This week’s highlights:
*playing computer games with Grammy
*working though naptime struggles
*catching snowflakes on our tongues
*heading out for a fun visit with Farmor (“grandmother” in Swedish)
*a spontaneous concert in our living room.

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Project 365

If you saw my post from a few days ago, you know that I’ve been thinking about challenging myself to focus more on the “little” things around me this year. Everyday images that will capture my life and family as I see them.

And so, I decided to commit to snapping one pic a day, each and every day for a year. There are no real rules, except that the image must reflect something about my life right now…generally, something I don’t want to forget. I’m not going to overthink it, overpose it, or force moments to happen. I just want to capture reality – my life, my memories, and my heart.

And so, here are the images from week one! They include a winter picnic, Oliver snuggling his favorite blanket, and a snap from the day we turned Oliver’s carseat around for the first time.

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  1. Lena (Live Love Laugh Photos) says: What a great idea Sarah! And such beautiful images! I love love love the one of the boys holding hands in the car - so so sweet! Cannot to wait to see what you are up to through your images! on 01.13.12 @ 12:27 pm

Life is a highway

First of all, I’ll just say that Pinterest has changed my life. I’m actually not on it all that much, but I’ve managed to collect quite a few ideas for kid’s activities, crafts, decorating, and recipes. When I saw this idea for using masking tape to make roads around the house and this idea for learning sight words with a homemade “parking lot”, I had to give them a try. Not only did Hudson love creating them, but he even added a fun challenge to the masking tape roads. He chose a path around the room, had me write the alphabet on it, then we filled in the rest of the roads with unordered letters. Instant maze! He had a blast leading his dad, grampy and friends through the paths to find the correct letters.

Now I’m just wondering how long we have to live with tape all over our family room…

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  1. Kelly says: Sarah what an incredible idea!! sooo fun on 01.5.12 @ 9:21 pm


I love Christmas.
The excitement, the love, the magic.
But this year will go down as one of the absolute best ever, because it included a proposal! My baby sis is getting married!!

She didn’t have a clue it was coming, and these first images crack me up. First, excited to be opening a present…then totally shocked when she saw what was inside 🙂

I am BEYOND excited to start the wedding planning adventure! Oh, and to welcome an amazing guy into our crazy family 🙂

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Today was the first day back to school, work and reality for our family. As much as I love the relaxed pace of holiday break, returning to normalcy in the new year is always a bit of a relief. So, as Hudson waved goodbye and ran to his teacher, I loaded Ollie into the car for a morning full of errands. As I dragged him in and out of offices at City Hall, the bank, and assorted other necessary stops, I heard the usual comments: “Oh, he’s so blonde! What a cutie!” “Such a good little boy!” And, upon hearing that I am a photographer, “You must have SO many photos of him! You’re going to treasure those when he grows up.”

That last one got me thinking. While I DO have tons of photos of both of my boys, I don’t know if I’ve always captured the things that I want to remember most. What DO I want to remember most? Hmmm…well, I want to remember how Hudson looks when he first wakes up. I want to remember how the boys sometimes hold hands as they fall asleep at night. I want to remember how Oliver is completely, thoroughly, utterly attached to his blanket (otherwise known as Be-Be). The things that have become so ingrained in our everyday lives that I barely give them a second thought. But one day, when Ollie finally cuts ties with his Be-Be (hopefully sometime well before he goes to college), I’ll want to have images to pull out and bring me back to this sweet time in our family.

So today, when Oliver got up from his nap, I pulled out my camera. As he snuggled and laughed and played, I snapped away. And I’ve been smiling ever since.

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  1. Project 365 | Sarah Jordan Photography says: [...] you saw my post from a few days ago, you know that I’ve been thinking about challenging myself to focus more on the [...] on 01.7.12 @ 2:11 pm