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Archive for March, 2012

I love albums.

Often, clients ask me for guidance in choosing the best way to display the photos from their sessions. After all, it’s no easy fete; whittling down a gallery of images to just a few canvases and prints can be agonizing! That’s why I love albums so much. They can remain on display as a coffee-table book long after the wall displays have been rotated out for more recent images. Albums can include ALL of the images from a session, helping to convey the full “story” of a family.
The albums I offer are true pieces of art. The luxurious covers are customized to each client’s personal taste, and include a center photo that is printed ON METAL! It looks as cool as it sounds. Of course, the pages are very thick – sturdy enough to withstand even enthusiastic little fingers.

Some of my favorite covers are vibrant, bold and make a major statement no matter where they are displayed. I was so in love with this beauty that I was almost sad to say goodbye when I handed it over to its rightful owner! Of course, watching her face as she looked through it for the first time made it all worthwhile 🙂

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Picnic in the Park

As I drove away at the end of this session, I realized that I had a goofy smile plastered on my face. It had been such an amazing evening, from start to finish.
Mom and I put a lot of effort into planning…not only the perfect clothing, location, and accessories, but also activities that would make the session an amazing experience. Because I honestly believe that the best photos not only look great, but also bring back beautiful memories of happy times.
So they brought a delicious picnic dinner (complete with champagne for the grownups!) and we took the time for them to actually eat and enjoy it. Then, Dad and his little boy broke out their guitars and rocked out some Adele for us. In between, we blew bubbles, took a walk, and the kids enjoyed some cuddle time with their parents.
My hope is that years from now, when they look back through this album of images, they will remember the joy they felt and the love they shared together. As a family. An amazing, unique, fantastic young family.

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  1. Lauren Reynolds says: Gorgeous session, Sarah! Really beautiful! :) on 03.26.12 @ 10:40 pm

  2. Carol says: Wowza! This session is stunning!! And that bubble shot? amazing! on 04.10.12 @ 3:45 pm

Project 365 – Weeks 10 and 11

Oops! I just realized that I haven’t posted my 365 pics for a few weeks now. Life has been pretty crazy! I’ll keep the words to a minimum and just let the photos show you what we’ve been up to.

Week 10

Week 11

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Project 365 – Week 9

We dodged the stomach bug and flu for a long time this winter, but sickness finally caught up with us last week. As awful as it was to see Hudson so miserable, I’ll admit that I did enjoy the extra snuggles and love. He’s growing up so fast that sometimes it takes me by surprise that he still needs his mommy’s hugs and kisses to make things feel better.

Of course, as soon as his fever broke, his independent nature took over once again and he taught himself to snorkel. I swear he’d wear that snorkel gear to the dinner table if I let him!

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Project 365 – Week 8

The beach? In February? Really? This winter is certainly not the norm, but we are loving it! Last week’s highlights included:
*Outlet shopping with Grammy
*Making projects at Lowes
*The boys spending a night at Grammy and Grampy’s house
*Ollie pretending to be a big brother

I’m starting to look forward to daily pics that include some green leaves and flowers soon…

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Snow Day

We finally got some snow this week, and the boys certainly made the most of it! They were clamoring at the door from the second they woke up, excited to make snowmen and go sledding. Unfortunately, they were both feeling under the weather and we had to limit the outdoor excursions…but they were still able to squeeze in a lot of fun 🙂

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Snow Princess

We were inside admiring E’s perfect little pout when the snow started to fall. And I just couldn’t resist!
We bundled and wrapped, prepped and practiced, then whipped the little snow princess outside for my favorite shots of the day. We haven’t really had any snow this winter, which makes me even more grateful that we were able to get outside for this!

I was so in love with the look of the falling snow that I grabbed some shots of my own boys out there today. Next year I’m going to figure out a way to schedule some snow sessions! They would have to be rather last minute, but wow – wouldn’t they be beautiful?

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  1. E's Mama says: Another masterpiece set! I'm beyond thrilled to have these images forever and honored my little girl is the subject in such creative and beautiful photos. on 03.1.12 @ 10:35 pm

  2. Erica says: Absolutely gorgeous baby girl and photos! E is such a treasure, as are her mama & photographer :) on 03.2.12 @ 8:28 am

  3. E's Nana says: The creativity of the photographer along with the beauty of E and Mother Nature make these photos treasures! on 03.2.12 @ 10:04 am