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Last March, my boys were thrilled to learn that they had a brand new baby cousin. Of course, they wanted to meet her right away, and Oliver even practiced his baby-holding skills in preparation. Unfortunately, she lives about 10 hours away from us, and we didn’t get to see her until a few weeks ago. The boys were thrilled to FINALLY meet their little cousin, and I was equally excited to play with my very first niece! I swear, she was smiling and/or laughing for about 99% of our visit. I only hope that our little girl will be as easy to photograph!

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Giggles and wiggles

The LAST TIME I had the pleasure of playing with these little guys, baby brother was just a few days old! This time around, he was a giggly, wiggly, happy little explorer. Big bro still had the same sweet personality, but a much bigger vocabulary to go with it! I loved how awake and energetic everyone was at the crack of dawn…and we were rewarded with a beautiful morning for a photo session.

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Little boy paradise

There is something magical about seeing your child so happy that he just can’t help bouncing up and down, grin spreading from ear to ear, as he grabs your hand and enters his little-boy version of paradise.
Today we surprised the boys with a trip to the DANBURY RAILWAY MUSEUM on the way home from a family trip to NY. Their little faces lit up as we pulled into the parking lot, and they cheered (loudly) when we told them that they’d even get to ride on a REAL train! Honestly, the place WAS really cool. Not only are you allowed to explore the yard full of old train cars on your own, but you are even encouraged to climb aboard many of them! I think they would have stayed all day if we had the time.

Our time at the museum was priceless…even if we did pay for the overstimulating afternoon during the 3 hour drive home 😉

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