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What a difference 6 months makes!

Endless love
Sleep deprivation

First time parents have a lot on their plates – along with caring for a newborn! I always warn new parents that the baby will run the show during a newborn session. If she wants to eat, she eats. She wants to nap? She naps. We just go with the flow!

That’s why I love returning to a family for their baby’s 6-month session. All of that uncertainty is usually replaced with a much more relaxed vibe. 6-month-olds are often full of smiles, sit up on their own (or with a little help), and Mom and Dad are much more comfy in their new parental roles.

This little beauty was no exception! I first met her parents for their maternity session last year, then caught up with them again for a beautiful NEWBORN SESSION. Seeing everyone again for her 6-month session was a happy little reunion 🙂 I can’t wait to hang out with them again in another 6 months!

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Last weeks

In these last few weeks as a family of 4, I find myself watching my little guys with a new realization – they are no longer babies. That may sound a bit silly, since they have grew out of toddlerhood awhile ago, but there is nothing like a new baby to emphasize just how grown up your other children are. While I am a bit nostalgic for those days of babyhood, mostly I am just proud of the little boys they are becoming. I love listening to their conversations, laughing at their nonsensical jokes, and watching each of them carve out his own unique personality, interests, and talents. At the same time, I am unbelievably excited to find out who their little sister will be, and how the boys will react to her. My guess is that they will thrive in the role of big brother, and will enjoy helping us care for her. At the very least, they will certainly take it upon themselves to make sure she has a thorough knowledge of trucks!
I am so incredibly grateful to my friend Erica for helping me capture our family as we are right now, just before our world is turned upside down (in a good way!).

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hope everyone’s day was filled with love, happiness, and balloons 🙂

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A room of her own

Well, here it is! My little girl’s nursery is everything I wanted it to be for her – soft, calm, pretty, and filled with meaningful little things for her to enjoy. It’s hard to imagine that just a few months ago, this was my office – green, pretty dark, cramped, and filled with photography stuff! I can honestly say that I don’t even mind that my “office” space is now in the midst of toy central in the family room – I can’t wait to bring my baby girl home to a room of her own!

A few of my favorite things:
*The dresses above the crib were mine (thanks to my mom for saving them all these years!), and I love how sweet they look on the wall.
*The little plate on the tall dresser with the last stanza of the poem “Song for a Fifth Child” by Ruth Hulburt Hamilton. My mother had the same words displayed on her her wall when I was a child, and I remember reading them every night while getting my hair blown dry before bed.
*The small Beatrix Potter bank on top of the stack of books on the shelf was saved from my own nursery
*The dressers that I found on Craigslist fit with the feel of the room perfectly! I love that they work well in her nursery, but they can also grow with her in future rooms.
*The framed pink flower photo on the shelf is a j.imprint taken by my fabulous friend Michele, of Pinkletoes. Check out the link to see how you can contribute to a great cause by purchasing your own j.imprint!

Baby girl shouldn’t be coming home to this room for at least a few more weeks now, so in the meantime I am enjoying reading, rocking, snuggling my boys and daydreaming in here. Soon enough, it will be filled with the sounds of a newborn, and I doubt it will ever be this neat and peaceful again!

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Remember September…

Way back when it was still nice and warm out, I got to hang out with this happy bunch at Smolak Farms for a few hours. Baby girl was so full of smiles that I couldn’t stop snapping pics of her! Her older siblings were equally awesome to work with, and we had a fabulous time running, playing, tickling, chasing and enjoying a beautiful day in a beautiful place 🙂

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