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Archive for March, 2014

There’s no place like home… [Methuen MA newborn photographer]

…for a newborn session!
When mom first contacted me about this session, she was concerned that their house wasn’t big enough or fancy enough for a photo session. Luckily, with kids this cute, we don’t need anything else! Although they did have a lovely home, we ended up plopping down on Mom and Dad’s bed, and barely moving for the whole time I was there! Between the snuggles, books, and giggles, we were able to keep busy and happy while capturing these sweet images of those magical first moments as a family of four.
No interior decorator necessary.

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  1. Brenda says: I just adore these pictures!! She's an awesome photographer !! Good luck to U and your family Mrs. Cuzzy. lol. Love U guys lots. on 04.4.14 @ 9:54 am

Flashback to fall [Andover MA Family Photographer}

Some sessions are just….easy.

I only had a very short time with this family, but we squeezed a lot of laughter, love, and happiness into the session. They weren’t too concerned about “smiling for the camera.” Instead, they joked, they talked, they played with their beautiful little girl – all while I snapped away. I hope these images bring them happy memories of a beautiful fall morning at the park!

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Julia’s first birthday party! [Methuen MA Lifestyle Photographer]

March 15

See that girl up there? That’s my baby. The same baby girl who looked into my eyes a year ago, curled her tiny hand around my finger, and instantly stole my heart. She is turning one this week, and I already yearn for those newborn days. I miss sitting on the couch and snuggling for hours while one episode of house hunters blends into the next. I long for that warm, sweet breath against my neck as she takes a much needed nap on my chest. I miss the excitement of witnessing the first smile, laugh, roll and step. Yes, this first year of life is amazing and fleeting and filled with irreplaceable memories; but at the same time, I find myself dreaming about what the future has in store for her. Will she continue to look up to her brothers with adoring eyes, begging to join in their games of Legos and trucks? What books will she like? Will she enjoy science like her Mama? Will her love of music and movement lead her to years of dance classes? Will she still welcome me into her life when she goes through the dreaded middle school years?

Only time will tell what life has in store for Julia. In the meantime, we enjoyed celebrating this important milestone! I wish I could take credit for all of the gorgeous details, but I owe it all to some amazing ladies! The incredible candy buffet was courtesy of the fantastic duo over at The Candy Dish in North Andover. I can’t recommend them enough! Not only did they provide all of the yummy treats, but they also set everything up beautifully, and then came and CLEANED EVERYTHING UP after the party! They also sell a variety of amazing homemade candies – perfect for Easter Baskets 😉

The Pinterest-inspired dum-dum decorations were courtesy of my dear friend Lindsay – a woman with a big heart and a ton of patience! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Happy First Birthday, Julia! What a wonderful first party it was!

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A very, very, very fine house [Methuen MA Family Photographer]

We ran, we laughed, we biked, we played….we did all of the things that this family loves doing in their beautiful home. It was a celebration of sorts. One last hurrah before moving into their new, even MORE amazing home a few towns over! I was so happy to capture memories of this beautiful morning so that they will be able to look back on these photos years from now and remember the house that these boys called home for the first years of their lives.

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